Winning at Matka Boss: Strategies, Tips and Advice for Winning Matka Games


Matka Boss is a Matka game that lets you play Matka in an online format. Matka is a popular Indian gambling game played with cards and dice, which has been around for centuries. Matka Boss takes the traditional version of Matka and turns it into an exciting, fast paced card game where you can win real money! If you are looking to improve your strategy or just want some advice on how to play Matka boss, then this article will help!

Matka boss is a game played all over India. Matka Boss was launched in June 2015 and it has become very popular because of the amount of money that can be won. Matka Boss is not just about luck, but also skill and knowledge. If you want to win Matka games, then read on for some tips, strategies and advice!

The first step to winning Matka games understands the game itself. Matka Boss is a card game that uses dice to determine the outcome of each round. In Matka, there are two types of bets – ‘Open’ and ‘Close’. The Open bet is placed on the first number that comes up on the dice, and the Close bet is placed on the last number that comes up. In Matka Boss, you can also place bets on two other numbers – ‘Middle’ and ‘Split’. The Middle bet is placed on the second number that comes up on the dice, and the Split bet is placed on two different numbers . Matka games can be very confusing at first because there are so many different bets you can place. However, the more Matka Boss games you play, the easier it will become.

The next step is to get your strategy right! Matka boss works in such a way that if you bet on a number that does not come up in a round, then you lose your Matka bet. Matka Boss is all about numbers and the best way to win Matka boss games is by betting on certain numbers each round.

Know the rules of Boss Matka

Boss Matka is an illegal lottery game in India. It is a form of gambling, and the operator of the game (the “boss”) takes a cut from the money that players bet on the outcome of games.

In Boss Matka, players make predictions about the outcome of numbered balls drawn from a drum. The boss then declares a winning number, and players who placed bets on that number win money. The boss also takes a cut from the losing bets, so it’s in his interest to declare a winner as often as possible.

Players can lose large sums of money very quickly in this game, so it’s not recommended for anyone who wants to gamble responsibly. If you’re looking for an addictive and potentially dangerous game, Boss Matka is definitely the one for you!


The game is simple. You make a guess, and if you are right the next player has to pay for your bet. If not, then they get your money! It’s that easy. We hope these tips have helped you win more often at Matka Boss games in the future. Do you have any questions? Let us know below or give us a call anytime during normal business hours for help with anything related to our service offerings!



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